Designer Tips for Choosing Tile and Counter Tops

Selecting tile and counter tops can be a daunting task.. check out the key things to think about when shopping for these finishes: 

When picking wall and floor tiles, there are endless options available. To make the process easier, Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper share how to find the best hard surface materials for your space. They tour the Ciot showroom and reveal a unique 3-D wall tile, a fresh take on the feature wall and tiles that work indoors and out.

Ask A Designer - Dark vs Light Coloured Couch

We get a lot of questions about what colour sofa to invest in. Its a big decision - see what we have to say about it! 

H&H's Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper offer expert advice on selecting the right sofa for your home and lifestyle. Learn the pros and cons of light and dark-colored sofas, and discover important factors to consider for each. When it comes to choosing between a light or dark shade, it's all about personal taste.

Interior Design - Discover Where Interior Designers Shop

We took a trip to the SOFA showrooms and had fun discovering all the great shops there! Join us to see what we found. 

H&H's Jennifer Koper and Joel Bray go shopping at SOFA (Source Of Furniture & Accessories) in Mississauga, Ontario, to find fresh decorating and design inspiration. Find out what's inside this trade-only design center for interior designers, manufacturers, buyers and dealers. With everything from kitchen appliances to lighting, rugs, art, fabric and more, SOFA is a one-stop shop for industry professionals.

How To Style Your Room Like A Designer

Minimal and modern styling always feels fresh, and places importance on the pieces that you use, letting them take centre stage. See what key areas in your living room need to be styled and how to go about doing it. 

H&H's Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper share expert living room styling tips. Discover their secrets to creating a standout space. Joel and Jennifer start by decorating the non-functioning fireplace. By adding three mod vases and dressing up the mantel with brass candlesticks and a teal bowl for a pop of color, they're able to create a gorgeous focal point in the middle of the room.