Interior Design - How To Use A Statement Rug To Transform A Room

One room 3 different ways! Its amazing how a rug and some accessories can transform a space! A room without a rug can look cold and naked. Rugs can add colour, texture, pattern and character. We selected 3 different statement rugs from Weavers Art, and accessorized appropriately, to transform this living room. See how different it looks in these three designs we came up with. Which look is your favourite? 

P.s That coffee table was super heavy and awkward.. which matters when you have to move it all day! Next time no heavy coffee tables! 

H&H's Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper display the transformative power of statement rugs. See how they created three different looks, each with a different rug as the focal point. Joel and Jennifer chose three gorgeous rugs at the Weavers Art showroom in Toronto that each offer standout style underfoot.